look at this super cool picrew we made of my sister. it's cool. my sister is cool.

hers is on the left. mine's on the right. obviously this isn't entirely accurate to how she looks irl (she doesn't have cat ears for one) but she made this picrew and is also watching me type this. say hi to nova or whatever name she's using. short for novacaine or something. i made that up.

and yeah, we're cool. we used to have a classic sibling rivalry but now we're besties. she's younger than i am. she doesn't have a site but may in the future, she's seen me make my site and she thinks it's cool. i'll definitely link her site somewhere on mine if she ends up making a site. she plays genshin impact (so do I but let's not talk about that). she got her fave hotboy recently, tartaglia, on his second rerun. which is just excessive. but it let her get him, so it's chill.

oh yeah, credit is currently linked on my about me page while i remember how to link things.
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