fun about me section

So as you could probably guess, my name is Erie! I go by many other names as well, like Love. Some of my friends call me Lovey :) Also, I like bugs! which you could also probably guess. Here's a little short form about me!... i'll eventually put a drawing of myself here because why the hell would i have a picrew as a permanent image to represent me. although, i do really like picrews, so maybe that'll have a section in the miscellaneous section. anyway. back to the point.
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  • INFJ 9w1
  • neutral good
  • he/him
  • genderqueer, but, like, as a man
  • polyam
  • i love my boyfriend
  • Freshman in university!
um this code is super weird how the heck
update: i got it!! anyway that's a little about me :3 I like to play video games, and I like to draw. Also, I like... learning... which is why I learned html. I thought, hey, it can't hurt to learn, right? I think this is an employable skill or something. Previous to making this site, my only experience with any form of coding or web design was scratch coding and carrd. I'm not sure what else to put here... maybe I'll get a favorites list to fill out.

a list of my faves!
  1. music: I listen to a lot of music, but year after year, spotify lists my top genre as otacore. I um... I'm not an otaku, I promise.
  2. food: ooo... I like mashed potatoes... and I also really like Mexican food. I'm super obnoxious about it.
  3. color: orange!
  4. number: 27! it's been this since seventh grade, so occasionally I consider changing it.
  5. video game: oh dear. definitely dragon quest, especially dqix. I have over a thousand hours in that game. Don't ask me how.
I really like the look of boxes, so I guess that's why this site has so many of 'em.
so thats about me i guess