the #journal

in chronological order!

Obviously, this site is far from done. The plan is to keep working on it until um... i don't know, it isn't obviously unfinished? I'll make a list of some things I want to do!

  1. i want to make working buttons to get to different pages within this site. oh yeah, i don't know much about html, so it's going to be very obvious that i don't know what I'm talking about. later on i'll make a list of the different pages I want to have here.
  2. i want to make this site... pretty? I think in order to do that i'll end up drawing some assets. pixels might be nice.
  3. oh and definitely i need to credit where I got assets that aren't mine

below is an image of how the site currently looks, which is a little redundant if you're reading this on October 8th, 2021, but hopefully really impressive if you aren't.

woah, a little trippy seeing my webpage within my webpage... within my webpage. yeah, that screenshot was take 2. whoops. oh, and look again, i changed the text again. it's almost like this site is going to constantly evolve. (HOPEFULLY.) ooh, i should make this a scrollbox. eventually this is gonna end up in an edit log.

00:46, technically the next day.

um... it's bedtime. i will continue to work on this tomorrow! i'll make a to-do list before bed, so i know what i need to accomplish tomorrow, both life and site-wise.

okay... i did all the stuff i wanted to do today. well, not actually, but i have time tomorrow. the colors of this site aren't what i want (at all) but i have them this way so i can see what's happening. i'm wondering if i should spend today working on aesthetics or functions. oh, also, i want to delete this site... when it's done? not in the way of it being gone forever, but i want to reset my hits because i have a feeling it's all just me checking to see if my code worked. so i'd copy and paste this code into the new website. lol.


i made some changes, started working on the about page a little bit, but I got caught up playing video games with my friends... I'll see if i can get anything done before bed... hopefully i can get all the links to work at least, that would be really nice.


nope. good night.

Okay, I know I didn't make an entry yesterday, but i have actually done more work, I promise. I added all of the pages, so all of the links should work. granted, the pages are the default neocities text, but they exist and i can decorate them and put content in them later. Additionally... people are definitely taking notice of my site. the last time i updated the site, there were about 920 views, and when i opened it today, there were over a thousand. i'm pretty certain that a big portion of the viewers are myself, still, but it's... intimidating to think that some people are looking at my site before it is done. I changed it to look somewhat pretty two days ago but it's still nowhere near how i'd like it to look. i should get some of this information in the update log, but for now, it's most easily put here.

I didn't work on the site yesterday... I was in a foul mood lol. Today, I'm trying to apply to colleges, so I'll see how long that takes. I have already previously completed part of the application, so... now I have to do the rest. depending on what i feel up to, i might work more on the site, but no guarantees. also, i removed the background images. not only am i still looking to change how the site looks, i should definitely use backgrounds i know I'm allowed to use. this isn't my silly little projects that only my friends will see... this is something anyone on the internet can see. so far, this feels a lot like screaming into a void, but knowing that people are looking... shudders. anyway. i will be back today or i won't. if you are reading this... i'd really appreciate talking to you.

Again. No progress on the website. I haven't necessarily been busy or anything, but I have been particularly... lazy. I went to the doctor's office yesterday (I got back home at noon or so) and that was it for the rest of my day. Luckily, not too much to do this weekend. No guarantees about making any site progress, but tonight, I'm going to try to make all of the pages look like they're meant to be there. I might also start working on migrating some of these entries to the journal, and some more... basic information to the update log. Glad I've been actively writing down my progress ^-^

I made a lot of progress! I thought more about what I wanted this site to look like, and I finally landed on something like this. Expect changes in the future, but it'll probably end up looking as it does currently. Also, I started the about me section! I just have a picrew, some facts about me, and a background, but it's a start. Really, I just need to work on the content (that sounds like Everything, but I promise it isn't) Anyway, I like how it looks so far. I need to draw myself so the picrew doesn't remain there, but I do think I will have a section where I link a bunch of picrews with the images i make using them, even if for nobody's convenience but my own.

alright super cool development!! I moved all of this to the journal page!! I really don't kow what to put in the update log vs journal so I'll probably make little synopses for each update. I wish i took a picture of each day's updates, but it isn't that important.

EUUUUAUAUAAAAAGHHHHH ok. I haven't updated the site in a while, but I promise it's been on my mind. I successfully applied by the early application deadline, so... woo! I forgot where I was going with this site, but I'll just take a peek at what I've done thus far and fix stuff up. Or add stuff.

ugh i dont like how the site looks anymore... that's what i get for looking at other sites. but, regardless, i've learned a lot by just making this site. it may be in for an overhaul later, but I'll finish this current layout before I do. I kind of want to make a nav bar that is like um as tall as the page and smaller... hmmm i need to learn more html. whatever. i'll finish this first. step one is probably idk sorting out the content and aesthetic of each page. i want to change the color scheme to off-black and white but hnnnnn is that too edgy... wait. this is my site. i can do whatever i want. off black and white it is!

It's been a while huh! it is... 12:54 am andddd i habe some ideas of what to doooo. let's see how it goes.

The internet is my diary el em ay oh